The Foundation

Fundación Cándido Mesonero Mayor de Castilla is a private, non-profit, institution, registered with the Cultural Foundations of the Protectorate of the Foundations of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Managed by his descendants – his son, daughter-in-law and grandsons –, but open to any public or private institution willing to join, the Foundation has been created to keep Cándido’s spirit and work alive. Cándido, throughout his life, proved to be attentive to the circumstances of his time, worried about quality, innovation, and ready to collaborate by his example and his teaching to generate resources, service and work skills that, without relinquishing to the past, are valid to the 21st century.

Cándido’s Foundation awards biannually the Premios Cándido Mesonero Mayor de Castilla, that reward the work, efforts, sacrifice and dedication of those who, just like Cándido, deserve this recognition.


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